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Our Coffee Culture

Gourmet Coffee

Our exquisite coffee blends are the result of our love for creating the perfect cuppa and takes pride on serving premium quality coffee to our customers.
Choose from our wide range of gourmet coffee selection ranging from the exclusive Arabica Blends, to the Robusta Coffees.

Our Richie’s Café traditional coffee uses a mixture of Arabica coffee seeds and Robusta coffee seeds, grind on the spot and mixed with the sweetened milk and carnation milk to give our local customers a “Nanyang” coffee taste which has a strong aromatic smell and smooth taste when you drink down the coffee. Therefore, our Richie’s traditional coffee is very well-liked and popular among many of our local customers.


Why choose Arabica seeds or Robusta seeds?

Arabica seeds and Robusta seeds are the two main commercially grown coffee seeds. Mostly all of the seeds cultivated worldwide are for Arabica coffee, because it contains less caffeine and has generally more flavor and aroma which is why Arabica coffee are more highly sought of than the Robusta coffee. The Robusta coffee has an earthly and bitter strong flavor than Arabica coffee, which is the main reason that they are used to produce a heavier coffee taste.

Bringing freshly brew coffee to all – is our brand promise that we have been delivering to customers. Perfected by our well-trained staff, making coffee is our passion as all our coffee undergoes a stringent process from the selection and storing of coffee beans, to the roasting and grinding.

Our Style of Coffee

Espresso : A concentrated beverage brewed by forcing a small amount of boiling water, about 85°C to 95°C, under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. As a result of the pressurized brewing process, the flavours are very concentrated in a typical cup of Espresso and is often has a thicker taste than coffee brewed by other methods. Espresso can be the base for other coffees such as latte, cappuccino, macchiato or mocha.

Cappuccino : A coffee-based drink prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk form. A cup of Cappuccino is prepared with much less steamed or textured milk with the total of Espresso and milk form. A Cappuccino usually exceeds the height of the cup, making the form visible above the side of the cup. A Cappuccino is usually served in a porcelain cup which has better heat retention characteristics than glass. The form on top of the Cappuccino acts as an insulator and helps to retain the heat of the liquid, allowing it to stay hotter longer.

Mocha Mix: Harmonized and alluring coffee infusion of the cocoa and the coffee flavors. The Mocha mix is well-loved for its superior coffee flavours that can only be synonymous with the quality coffee of the Arabica coffee plant harvested near the Yemen port of the city, Mocha. It is typically one third espresso and two thirds steamed milk with a portion of dark or milk chocolate, usually in the form of chocolate syrup or powder, is added.
Weasel Coffee : Or called “Kopi Luwak”. It was somehow discovered that certain weasels or civets dine on the best ripest coffee cherries. At some point in time, some brave person decided to try and make coffee from the partially-digested beans that had passed through the weasel. The result was amazing and it transformed the coffee as to what we known as Weasel Coffee or Kopi Luwak with its distinctive rich and flavourful aroma, smooth and mocha-taste flavour. And because of this, Weasel Coffee or Kopi Luwak became a high quality value cup of coffee.
So the reality is that authentic Weasel Coffee or Kopi Luwak does taste wonderful if you like smooth, mellow, rather sweet coffee that is more than mocha.



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