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Supplies for Frozen Curry Puffs / Other Food Items

We supplies our frozen puffs, puffs ingredient fillings and frozen food items to local F&B establishment like Bubble Tea Shops, Western Food Stalls, Coffee Shops, Canteens, Cafeteria, Finger Food Take-away shops and Bakery. We can also supply it to other establishment like Pubs or Shopping Mall Kiosk.

Frozen Curry Puffs

Our different kind of our frozen puffs for supplies is as below:

  • Chicken Curry Puff
  • Sardine Puff
  • Black Pepper Chicken Puff
  • Mutton Curry Puff
  • Lemon Tuna Puff
  • Chicken Cheese Puff
  • Durian Puff
  • Vegetarian Potato Puff

Custom-made Fillings Puff is available upon pre-order

Other Frozen Food Items

  • Popiah (Springroll)
  • Marinated Chicken Wings, Chicken Drumsticks, Chicken Meat Chunks
  • Chicken Hot Dog
    • Chicken Cutlet
    • Fish Fillet
    • Seaweed Chicken
    • Tempura Prawn
    • Samosa Curry Potato
    • Nyonya Handmade Otah
    • Banana + Crispy Banana Mixtures*
    • Tapioca *
    • Sweet Potato *
    • Yummy Sweet Cake *
    • Green Bean / Red Bean Cake *

    * Suitable for Vegetarians to consume

    * To frozen above items with temperature between -5°C to -18°C

    Little Bear Hand Burger Bun

    Little Bear Hand Burger

    Choice of Buns

    1. Original
    2. Strawberry
    3. Pandan
    4. Oat
    5. Coffe
    6. Black Sugar
    7. Milk
    8. Blueberry
    9. Durian
    10. Chocolate
    11. Green Tea
    12. Banana

    Other choice of Buns is available upon special order


    Other Chilled Food Items

    • Handmade “Ping Pong” Big Fishball
    • Chicken Ngoh Hiang
    • Wanton
    • Seafood Tofu
    • French Fries
    • Potato Wedges

    * To chilled above items with temperature between …

    Puffs Ingredient Fillings

    Our puffs ingredient filling for supplies is as below:

    • Chicken Curry
    • Sardine
    • Black Pepper Chicken
    • Mutton Curry
    • Lemon Tuna
    • Chicken Cheese
    • Durian
    • Vegetarian Potato

    Custom-made Fillings Puff is available upon pre-or…

    Other Items for Ready-Cooking


    • Curry Chicken Paste
    • Sambal Chilli Paste
    • Ayam Goreng Paste
    • Sotong Goreng Paste
    • Prawn Goreng Paste
    • Rendang Paste
    • Mee Siam Paste

    Custom-made paste is available upon pre-order


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